1986 - 2024 : 38 YEARS AT LAMARTINE

1986: Lamartine begins exporting, the vineyard covers 20 hectares - Alain manages all the estate's wine-making and business when Brigitte is doing administrative and accounting. This was definitely too much for their 4 shoulders and they both saw the opportunity to work together with Jean-Luc, Brigitte's brother. Jean-Luc knows how to work the land, he likes mechanics : a profile that complements Alain 's very well.

No one thought at the time that his entire career would be written here. But it didn't! Over the years, Jean-Luc took care of the vineyard and the material, leaving Alain and Brigitte the time they needed to promote the wines and develop new markets. Together, they produced over 30 vintages, creating the reputation and renown of Lamartine. This wonderful story will come to a close on 30st June, with the planting of 2.5 hectares on a terroir that Alain and Jean-Luc have always coveted and hoped for... could it have come to a better conclusion?

Many thanks Jean-Luc.


Château Lamartine – Cahors

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