We all remember the very rainy 93 or the very hot 2003... As if the year in 3 automatically meant an extra-ordinary vintage. After this line, you'll have realised that 2023 is no exception to the rule: we had to fight - fight against this ambient humidity that is so loved and adored by the Mildiou, a devastating fungus!

An army of 15 young soldiers joined the team in June, and together they removed the leaves to give sufficient air to the bunches and stop the development of the victorious fungus.

Then September arrived: the dry heat set in, the berries get concentrated... the hoped-for yield was achieved, the quality was there, the winemaker was happy! To cope with this unbearable stress and keep themselves busy (in the little time they have left), Lise and Benjamin became, respectively, the parents of Antoine and Martin. Needless to say, that they'll be doing their utmost to ensure that an extraordinary potential to 2023!


Château Lamartine – Cahors

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