Cahors Appellation is located in the South-West of France, at the North from Toulouse and at the East from Bordeaux, between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. The micro-climate we have is ideal for the Malbec maturity. Their terroirs, clay and limestone, are the guarantee of the freshness into the wines.

At the end of the 60’s, 15 Cahors winemakers were involved in the AOP creation. Our great grand dad, Edouard, was one of them. They obtained the AOP in 1971. We are still very proud to belong to the Appellation.

From a few years ago now, the Appellation is interesting a lot in all over the word because their terroirs are now recognized as the Malbec original growing.

The new issue for Cahors will be the classification of those different soils. We are only in the first stages with the division in Valley and Causse Terroirs.

It’s just the beginning of the new Cahors story … Stay tuned!


Our terroir are our divine creators. Each terroir gives its proper expression, its typicity. Our hands are just shaping the grapes, our palates control the ageing in the goal to get the purest expression from the terroir.