Winemakers for four generations


During the Phylloxera crisis in the 1870’s, our ancestors were stone cutters and built the village houses. One of them was the Chateau Lamartine house in 1883. The house was built in place of a century year old oak tree which was sheltering the Martine amorous meetings… which gave the name of Château Lamartine.


The first 5 hectares of vines were replanted from the 1920’s by Edouard Sérougne, Lise and Benjamin great grand dad. At this period, the family was not specialised on the wine, it was a classic farm with animals, cereals and a bit of wine directly sold in barrels.


One of the most important vintages for Pépé Edouard: the first bottling in all the Lamartine story. The idea of selling the wine in bottles was the first step in the wine valorisation.


Edouard and 15 other Cahors winemakers went to Paris to meet the INAO and defend the quality of Cahors Wines. They obtained the AOP in 1971. At the same time, the Château Lamartine grown to 12 hectares of vines, Edouard renounced to the farm and become specialized on the wine.


Edouard died, and Lamartine was willed to his daughter Carmen, and his son in law, Adrien Gayraud. Carmen was known in every surrounding village for the Chasselas (table grape) and wine sale. At the same time, Adrien, born farmer and grow lover, worked the vines with a great deal of concern.

Alain, their son, became quite quickly the winemaker. He made his first vintage in 1976, at 19 years old.


Alain and Brigitte, his wife, created the mythic Cuvée Particulière. This cuvee became a reference of Cahors wine and opens the doors of the international market.


They worked toward a quality goal and created the Expression. This cuvee is coming from 5 hectares of our best terroir: tthe clay-limestone third terrace. It was, quite quickly recognized by its peers for its finesse, elegance, and its freshness. This is one of the wines which gets the “Charte de Qualité” of Cahors wines.


After 40 vintages, increasing by three the size of the vineyard, and a few millions of bottles selling in the worldwide, Alain gave the hand to his children, Lise and Benjamin. To introduce themselves, they created a new cuvee:
Tandem, 100% Malbec and 100% new generation!


Our terroirs are our divine creators. Each terroir gives its proper expression, its typicity. Our hands are just shaping the grapes, our palates control the ageing in the goal to get the purest expression from the terroir.